1. General Conditions

The user agrees to comply with the present general conditions, as well as comply with the warnings or instructions for use contained therein or on the website. 

 He also agrees to always act in accordance with the law, good customs and good faith requirements, using the website appropriately, and refraining from taking actions that may impede or impair the operation of it, the goods and rights of BATEMAT, SA, its suppliers, users or any third party. 

Access and use of the portal is prohibited for minors without the express consent of their parents. BATEMAT, S.A is not responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the data filled in by the user and therefore cannot verify their age. In general terms, and without implying any restriction with the previous section during the use of the website, the user agrees to: 

  • Provide true information about the data requested in the different registration forms.
  • Do not use false or from other´s identities on the website.
  • Do not use the website, to carry out advertising or commercial exhibition activities and to not to use its contents and information to send advertising, or send messages with any other commercial purpose or to obtain personal data from third parties.
  • Do not introduce, store or disseminate through the store any program, data, virus, code, or any other electronic or physical device that may cause damage to the website, any of the services, or any of the equipment, systems or networks from, of any other user, of the suppliers of Batemat, SA or in general of any third party.

2. Shipping costs

  • Free shipping for orders over € 100, within the peninsula.
  • Orders destined for the Balearic Islands carry a transport charge.
  • For orders destined for the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, consult by writing to email
  • email or by calling 93 309 38 00.
  • In case of cancellation of the order already sent or non-receipt for reasons beyond the control of BATEMAT, S.A, the transport charge will be generated.

3. Delivery term

  • If we receive your payment before 14:00, it will be processed the same day.
  • Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be processed the following business day.
  • Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • The average delivery time is 2-5 days depending on the destination.
  • In case of not having units available in stock, at the time of your order, we will contact you to indicate the new delivery date.

4. Payment Methods

You can choose between the following payment methods:

  • Credit or debit card: Visa, MasterCard
  • Bank transfer: if you choose this option, it is very important that in the SENDER or ORDERING field indicate: your order number, name and surname. You have a period of 7 working days to make the transfer, after placing your order. The order will not be considered effective until we confirm the corresponding deposit in any of our accounts (indicated during the processing of the order). Delivery times begin to count from this date.
  • PayPal. You have more information about this form of payment at

· We guarantee that each of the transactions carried out at Batemat SA is 100% secure. All operations involving the transmission of personal or bank data are carried out using a secure environment. Batemat SA uses a server based on standard SSL (Secure Socked Layer) security technology. All the information you transmit to us travels encrypted through the network. (If you want to know more, visit our Secure Payment section).

· Likewise, the data on your credit card is not registered in any database but goes directly to the Bank’s POS Terminal (Point of Sale Terminal).

· In addition, we inform you that in an effort to provide greater security to credit card owners, we have incorporated into our payment gateway the secure payment system called CES (Secure Electronic Commerce). In this way, if you are a “secured” card holder, you can always make payments with a VISA or MASTERCARD card in our store.

· In the event that your card is not adhered to this payment system, Batemat SA will only accept payment by VISA or MASTERCARD credit card to customers with previously proven age and reliability.

· In both cases, when paying with a VISA or MASTERCARD card, the following information will always be requested: the card number, the expiration date, and a Validation Code that coincides with the last 3 digits of the number printed in italics on the back of your VISA or MASTERCARD card, thus offering more guarantees about the security of the transaction.

Important: Credit card fraud is a crime, and Batemat SA will bring legal action against anyone who makes a fraudulent transaction in our online store.

5. Product guarantee

We offer a 2-year guarantee on several of our products.

Excluded from the guarantee:

  • Deficiencies caused by negligence.
  • Knocks or falls.
  • Incorrect use or improper manipulations.
  • Incorrect installations.
  • Materials that are worn by use.
  • Claims (floods, power surges, office works, liquid spills, etc …).

The warranty is canceled if:

  • The machine has been updated with software not supplied by BATEMAT.
  • Interventions carried out by personnel not authorized by BATEMAT.
  • The product is sent for repair in a different packaging than the original, since it may suffer breakages or breakdowns due to not being properly protected, in which case the damage is attributable to the sender.

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