Speed: Selectable between 55/150 documents per minute
Weight: Equipment 2.1 Kg / Power supply 0.25 Kg.
Certificates: CE, UL / CUL, FCC Class A, ICES, VCCI, BIS, RoHS
Accepted document sizes: Document height from 5.08 to 15.24 cm.
Image size: Image height 10.8 cm / Length: 7.37 to 23.5 cm.
Paper weight: Between 60 to 105 grs.
Network communication: 10/100 Ethernet
Operating systems: Windows 7-8-10 Professional 32 and 64 bit
Rear endorsement: Inkjet printer (600dpi) 1 to 4 lines
Communication Programming Applications (APIs) SamrtPVA API Ranger
Stacker capacity: 150 documents
Automatic feeder: More than 100 documents / min
Automatic opening for easy loading
Double document pass detection.
Dimensions: Length 22.5 cm. Height 17.8 cm. Width 13.7 cm.
Magnetic Character Recognition (MIRC): Standard EI3B and CMC7 character reading
Image capture: Front and back capture at 300 dpi
Captures: black and white or grayscale (256 levels)
Resolution: 240, 200 dpi in grayscale and black and white.
Optical character recognition: OCR A, OCR B, E13B and 1D barcode fonts supported
Two 0.50-inch OCR band reading


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The SmartSource Expert Elite scanner adds a standard 100Base-T Ethernet connection and embedded intelligence to the popular SmartSource Elite series platform.

The Expert Elite includes all the features that make the Elite series an ideal check scanner for remote deposit capture and ATM applications.

High speed, with a modern, compact and small design, manufactured to withstand long operating life.

Manufactured by Digital Check, an industry leader in check and ID card imaging.

In addition to an Ethernet connection, the Expert Elite scanner is capable of capturing images and MICR, processing them while maintaining nominal performance. The system incorporates double document detection, MICR recognition, OCR recognition, combined MICR / OCR recognition, image cleanup, threshold, crop and compression.

Advantages of the smart network system

Network scanners with embedded intelligence have an incredible advantage over USB scanners and network scanners that lack integrated processing. Unlike USB scanners, the Expert Elite is not connected to a single computer and can be shared by multiple users.

Additionally, Expert Elite is easily deployed in a virtual desktop environment. Built-in image processing and compression eliminates the problem of extreme amounts of data transfer over a USB connection.

Scanner installation is greatly simplified by eliminating the need to install a USB driver and API software. Simply connect the Expert Elite scanner to the customer’s network and you are ready to go.
Easy network connectivity combined with the quality and performance offered by industry leading Digital Check’s,
This makes the SmartSource Expert Elite smart network scanner the ideal equipment for deployment in ATM and remote deposit capture environments.

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